Curly Hair Workshop

Not everyone was born with curly hair, but most people have more wave in their hair than they know. If you desire bouncy waves without damaging your strands, or you just want to bring out the curl you already have, there are many ways to get or enhance curls.

Home Workshop For Curly Hair –

  1. Start with clean, damp hair. If your hair is still dripping wet, blot it with a soft towel to soak up any moisture.
  2. Add some hair gel or mousse if your hair doesn’t hold a curl well. This will help the style hold better and last longer.
  3. Wash your hair no more than three times a week. The more often you wash your hair, the drier it becomes. If it’s dry, it will look more frizzy than curly. You can, however, use conditioner on your hair more often. When using shampoo, try to use more on your scalp, and less on the ends of your hair.When using conditioner, try to use more on the ends of your hair, and less on your scalp.
  4. Use sulfate and silicone-free shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products.Silicone is great at smoothing down hair and taming frizz; unfortunately, it can only be removed with sulfates. Sulfates are harsh cleaning agents. They are the same agents used in floor cleaners, and they can make your hair dry, brittle, and frizzy.
  5. Never use a hairbrush on your hair when it is dry. This will break up the curl pattern and cause your hair to frizz. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to tame your curls. Always start from the ends first, and never comb your hair from the roots straight down. This will cause your hair to snap and break. You can, however, use a hairbrush on your curls while they are still wet. Make sure that you are brushing in small sections, starting from the ends first.
  6. Use a t-shirt or a microfiber towel to dry your hair. Regular towels tend to be too rough on curls. The fibers can snag the delicate hair strands and cause them to rip or tear. Instead, try blotting your hair dry with a towel or t-shirt.
  7. Consider applying some hairstyling product if your hair doesn’t hold a curl well. If you hair is very straight, or it doesn’t hold easily, you might want to put a styling product into your hair. This will help your hair hold the curl longer.

Short or long, everyone can do curly hair and look incredible. Whether you want to let your curls hang loose or pin them up into a chic updo, we’ve rounded up the best celebrity styles to inspire your next look.

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