Goa Hyatt Spa – India, Beach Destination

Goa…a land of infinite fun and relaxation while holidaying…lots of tourists flock here specially in winters and Christmas to enjoy greatest holiday experience in India at this Beach Destination…

Welcome to Grand Wellness! Experience a luxurious medical wellness vacation in one of Goa’s finest health spa. Escape to a spa in Goa unlike any other, where ancient Ayurvedic and yogic healing traditions are infused with the revitalising allure of the Arabian Sea.

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Grand Hyatt Spa Goa Offers Many Ayurvedic  Massages and Spa Treatments

spa treatments

Reward yourself with a Hyatt spa experience that exceeds expectations. We offer a wide range of treatments to assure your visit will fulfill your personal wishes – be it to Relax, Rejuvenate, Energize, Hydrate or Detoxify.

They are offering Choorna Swedam Massage, Indian Head Massage, Kapha Message, Foot Massage, Kati Raksha Massage, Pita Massage, Vata Massage, Nasyam and many More…

To benefit your well-being, your health and your beauty, disconnect from your hectic life and fill up on new energy and strength in harmonious and beautiful surroundings!

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