Rolex Watches – Undisputed Choice

Viral Bharat / December 17, 2015

ROLEX – A name has been synonymous with precision, elegance, and class. It is the most suitable punctuation mark at the beginning of any successful career, the memento that is passed down from grandfather to father to son, and the only piece of jewelry to rival the engagement ring. Sprung from the imagination of Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1908, Rolex is regarded as the status symbol, a breathtaking display of prestige and power.

In India, the most preferred watches in Luxury segment is obviously one and only Rolex -A name that spells, elite class, perfection and luxury. Its in thing to gift a Rolex watch on occasions of Marriage, Graduation Completion… or just Compliment of luxury gift ! Most of Indian Youngsters are obsessed by Rolex , the brand excels perfection and brand value !!

The Making of a Pure Luxury Watches

Its a curious question in everyones mind…how the rolex watches are made…typically Rolex brand watches are  made of stainless steel, but many styles offer more luxurious metals, like 18k yellow and white gold and even rose gold. Men’s watches range in size from 34mm to 45mm, depending on the style. Like their makeup, Rolex watches also range in price offering different choices for different budgets. Depending on the year the watch was made, its model and its rarity, a Rolex could sell for as little as a few thousand dollars to over $1.2 million for some rare vintage models.