Diesel Rocks India

Viral Bharat / December 19, 2015


Indian Guy’s Attitudes When Buying Jeans

The trendy Indian guy man is still residing well within his comfort zone when it comes to buying jeans – there doesn’t seem to be much desire to experiment with new styles.  for Instance; trying jeans that are of a tighter fit. Most guys, naturally pick up & opt for dark denim, which is a fine and stylish decision, but sometimes its nice to try something new – like the current trend which is called the Color Denim Print. So burgundy, let alone a pastel blue, is going to take some time.


Diesel Jeans, the International Brand has made a presence felt in India Now. Both Guys n Gals are tempted naturally for this international Brand known for its style, comfort and superb quality.  Coming days Ahead.. the Denim War is going to be more intense as Urban class from India is finding International Brands too appealing to settle for sub standard ones.

Diesel Jeans in India
Diesel Jeans in India