Sanju Baba is Back – Bollywod Welcomes Homecoming !

The Man Who Suffered too Much –  Sanjay Dutt, is back to Normal Life !

The Baba of Bollywood, is Back, Sanjay Dutt..the man who suffered too much for legal ignorance that led him to most difficult situations of life and suffering. A Star, celebrity and heart throb of millions spend years in prison and comes out home back after seeing all this !

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After getting released from Mumbai’s Yervada Jail – Sanjay Dutt saluted national flag at jail, says there is no easy walk to freedom.

Sanjay Dutt Salutes National Flag After Coming out of Jail
Sanjay Dutt Salutes National Flag After Coming out of Jail PIC – ABP News

Sanjay Dutt‘s release is a super happy day for his countrywide fans, friends and family. After completing his sentence, he’s  finally a free man and is on his way back to Mumbai right now from Pune. Obviously his wife Manyata Dutt was there to receive her man from jail but guess who else was? His long time friend and filmmaker, Rajkumar Hirani.

Sanju Baba has clearly made some solid industry friends over the years. Salman Khan has also made special arrangements for him.


Dutt has served 42 months of his five-year sentence and his jail term was also marred by controversies because of his frequent furlough and parole. Talking about Dutt’s release, his sister Priya Dutt said, “It’s an emotional day. I wish our father was here to see this. He has been very strong. He has been very sincere all through the 23 years. We cannot even understand what it must have been staying there inside the jail. He never complained.

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