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Hair Glow Secrets from Ayurveda

Secrets of Hair care

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For decades now men and women are sharing their tragic story of hair loss, premature grey hair, dull hair, scanty hair etc. Ayurveda has answers for all the above problems, get quick results for grave problems too. Any imbalance in the bone tissue affects digestive system which directly affects hair, because hair is the by-product of bone tissue after breaking down.

There are various reasons for hair dullness such as bad eating habits, irregular sleep, eating too much fried items, no exercise, high fever, certain drugs, thyroid imbalance, acute illness, high stress, depression, excessive consumption of alcohol /smoking/spicy or sour food and more. Ayurveda will do wonders on hair if used regularly under proper guidance, certain combination of herbs will put your hair dullness to rest.

The present generation is looking for quickfix external beauty therapies to look and feel good. Ayurveda serves the purpose from time immemorial for almost any hair type from dry to oily to extremely frizzy and untamed hair. At this juncture pollution has put population back and affects skin, hair and health.


It is imperative to take utmost care to have a healthy looking hair for that confident personality and to keep that natural moisture intact. People are buying attractive packaged shampoo at high price which will only harm and not do any good to your hair. But due to Ayurveda’s good effects people are getting attracted to buy ayurvedic products for hair glow.

Few secrets from Ayurveda for hair glow offers power packed remedies giving extremely good results.
• High protein and iron rich diet foods, good intake of green veggies like spinach, lettuce etc, raw salad, fresh fruits, water intake should be taken care, clean eating always helps in maintaining that extra shine on your hair as it gets good nourishment through food intake.
• Few combination of veggie juice has amazing results on hair for shine like Carrot+Lettuce, Lettuce+Spinach,
• Harmful shampoo is a big no, try and use natural amla, reetha, bhringaraj, brahmi based shampoo for hair glow and healthy hair. Amla or Indian gooseberry is very good for purifying blood, blackens hair, cures indigestion, hair problems are solved due to Vitamin C present in the fruit.
• Ayurvedic oils such as Brahmi, virgin coconut oil, almond oil work as a great hair repairer. A good hot oil massage will help in blood circulation on the hair roots , rejuvenates hair follicles, improves hair growth and hair glow apparently.
• Abhyanga is another way to give a quick relief from hair disorders. A good abhyanga from a therapist works wonders on your hair, mind and soul.
• Other essential oils like Rosemary acts as a relaxant and also helps in hair growth.
• Bhringaraj is widely known as king of herbs, it helps in hair growth along with giving shine to your hair. Make a fine paste of this herb with warm water and apply on the scalp leave it to dry and wash with mild shampoo for good results.

Apart from these remedies follow good eating habits, drink lot of water to flush out toxins, chew your food, add raw veggies to your diet, think positive, exercise regularly, sleep well etc. Enhance your personality with beautiful glowing hair with Ayurveda you can never go wrong, for proven results try it right now and know it for yourself.

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