Do Girls Cheat?

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Girls are a different species; to understand them is a challenging task. Cheating and girls are synonymous since time immemorial. Girls cheat for various reasons some are related to psychological or physiological reasons. When the spark and sex vanishes from marital relationship then they think of cheating on their husbands, this could be one of the reasons for cheating or betrayal.

Girls seek little attention, romance, care and a listener, she is programmed like that. When these things are out of her reach she tempts or rather craves for love, romance or just a compatible companion. While husbands are busy working late at office she is alone back home waiting for him to return to her and spend some quality time. Men forget to ask their partner how was the day and other stuff which girls long to hear from their husbands.

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Every affair is different some get involved for physical pleasure, some need a good ear, some need a friend etc. There are various reasons for infidelity such as boredom, revenge, insatiable sex life, money, just for extra fun and adventure. They can cheat their primary relationship and still continue to be in an extra marital affair. Men seek extra marital affair for sexual pleasure and do not fall in love and would love to remain with their primary family where as women fall in love while being in the marriage.

Age is also one of the main factors for infidelity if they are married in a young age this might be the reason for looking out for a change. As they grow their interests, dislikes change and they tend to get bored of the regular life with the same man. Due to variety of reasons such as rough relationships, in laws involvement, husbands being impotent etc.

Most of the times girls cheat their boyfriends with their best friends due to attraction, better physique, communication skills and more. The more meetings with a bunch of friends creates ripples in your relationship, if she is continuously eyeing your best friend it is one of the signs that she is getting prepared for a cheat act.

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How to know your girl is cheating on you

If she is constantly talking about one particular friend of yours then she is all set to get into another relationship

If you find some changes in her behavior towards you like being super nervous, lost in her own world, sudden jolts whenever you call out for her, it is the sign of getting cheated sooner or later.

Being very protective about her phone, not allowing you to touch her phone, setting a password, or hides her phone from you. She gets scared if you use her phone for innocent reason.

If she is inattentive while you are talking to her

If she is not active in bed with you and throws reasons for not having sex as it used to be as regular it was earlier. She loses interest in having sex with you and not being cooperative during physical intimacy.

If she is spending more time grooming herself, buying new clothes, going to a spa regularly, taking good care of her looks etc

Being secretive about her whereabouts, not keeping you in loop whenever she heads out
If she is constantly glued to her phone, giggles and chuckles while talking over the phone are also sign of cheating

Listen to your gut instinct, if you feel your girl is cheating on you it is a matter to be considered seriously.

Girls cheat and they equally love like crazy provided they are handled with love and care.

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