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How Indian Men Discuss Sex

Surya R / November 5, 2016

Men crave for sex, for them having sex is like a meditation. Men hardly discuss about sex unlike women, men talk very little about sex and their physical intimacy with women. They think it is not necessary to divulge every single detail about your Friday night with a beautiful lady. Well this comes as a shocker when you get to know that men actually discuss less sex, while women goes into more details about their encounters with men.

Indian men are rigid they are not comfortable about their sexual disclosure; they only think it is easy for them to discuss or share when they have a close relationship with male friends. Sex is quite important for men for various reasons, men get easily stressed out due to heavy workload, in such cases sexual pleasure boosts their morality, lights up their irritated mood and also improves their health. Men think it is okay for them to have sex as many times they want and with how many people they want.

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Men & Sexual Fantasies

They want to feel free while getting into sexual act with woman, it is the best phase of a serious relationship to have your man as close as you can get, they prefer someone who can keep their sexual secrets than bombarding about it in your group. Sex with fun, adventure and little serious sex positions are what men looking for, they tend to discuss with their close friends about various sex postures that will increase their sexual pleasure.

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Male Psychology on Sexual Matters

Men probably hate to open up about their sexual acts openly in a big group as they want to maintain a clean and somber profile. Their psyche is totally different from females, men love to fantasize about their woman and imagining having a steamy bed job is all that they do when they are with their bunch of friends. They enjoy watching porn movies and would love to experiment and experience the pleasure of different sexual positions.

In earlier days men would find it difficult to discuss sex with their female partners but thanks to technology, movies and other platforms that has instilled guts in men to freely discuss sex with their partners. Men and women who are in a relationship find it easy to talk about sex. How they want to be loved or handled in bed. They discuss what to wear, what property to use to enhance sexual pleasure like ice-cream, honey, chocolate etc.

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Male Sexual Temptations

Few men engaging in regular sex openly discuss about their previous nights but men who like to protect their privacy think it is abnormal to talk about sex in front of others who are little known to them. Before getting into bed some men discuss with their partner what are they going to try tonight like anal, oral or other sex positions. Actually sex discussions make the act easy and enjoyable as you already heated with the excitement. Once they are inside you they forget the world and allow you to rule their body and mind.

Indian men take their marital relationship as a sacred thing and are shy talking about it openly, but due to peer pressure they end up spilling the beans about their first night but mind you they do not divulge completely. Due to the communication advancement they make their partner feel at ease by talking about love and the ways to be loved before getting into the final act of sex. Sex is the most important activity for both men and women but keeping it as a discussion might help others to enjoy better sex.