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How to Stay Attractive After 50?

Yashika / November 5, 2016
Healthstyle Tips To Keep You Young - Today is my 30th birthday and a perfect time to reflect on life,

Stay Attractive After 50 !!

Age is just a number. Every human being on this earth wants to remain fit, healthy and attractive for a long time or may be whole life. To remain attractive good and healthy lifestyle plays a vital role. Being younger and feeling younger are two different things, being young and not being fit and attractive is a total loss, where as being at 50 and still looking attractive is a hands down to younger generation.

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Mood has a great deal of impact on the way we look and feel, with bad mood things are not favorable vice versa. Age is not the only factors that make you look young, energetic and fresh there are various ways to look beautiful. Both men and women of today want to have a body but they forget that a fit mind is also very essential to enjoy a fit body.


Some of them even go under the knife to get the look they desire which is not a good advancement in the long run. Cosmetic surgeries are not only expensive but will have side effects too or might even ruin your natural beauty and features. Beauty is more than just skin deep, understanding beauty is more important than remaining beautiful. Makeup or age does not certify your attractive quotient what you feel about you deep within makes a difference.

Taking care of oneself is what it takes to stay attractive, supplements, fitness regime, diets, yoga are other factors that help you remain fit and attractive but your mind is the decider. For a magnetic charm following certain basic rules such as being happy, positive and clean eating habits will do the trick. If you want to remain attractive post 50 then start todayBeing fit from within make you look younger and for younger looking skin eating lots of veggies, fruits, and a balanced diet are of utmost importance. Vegetables and fruits have ample amount if vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, zinc, enzymes that will give overall positive effect on your mind and body.

The process of ageing cannot be stopped, but it can be delayed by a few years.

Maintaining a good chiseled physique is possible with daily exercise, running, jogging, sports, walking etc.
Drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated, skin needs enough moisturization so take care of your skin. Exfoliate & use sunscreen whenever you step outside. When you are fit from inside your skin will automatically have a glow Consuming antioxidants is also good; green tea or herbal teas will help you fight ageing.


A healthy and disciplined lifestyle adds good percentage in giving you that attractiveness after 50. Good rest, physical activities, good set of friends, hygienic lifestyle will have a huge impact on your beauty.Stay updated with the fashion trends in fashion and hairstyles and dress up accordingly to your taste.Try new things to keep you young and vibrant.Smile as much as you can because nothing can beat you when you are smilingDo not overeat because your weight does not remain the same it changes as you grow old, keep the same weight all the time if possible.Always focus on the Brightside of life.Get beauty sleep, sleeping for 8 hours will have magical effect on your skin, body and you will have a stable mind. Good sleep will make you look fresh diminishing dark circles, puffy eyes and a dull look on your face.


Have active love life physical intimacy is also one of the factors for keeping you attractive even after 50, the body releases healthy happy hormones after great sexual intimacy with your partner.Take care of yourself to look attractive by following these simple tips.