Why Womnn Are Bad at Shopping ?

Woman love shopping, ask them about shopping they will jump out of bed even If they are unwell. When women are on a shopping spree they take an immediate detour from shoe department to clothing to accessory and detouring goes on. For women shopping is like an anti depressant unlike for men it is a mission, they know what to buy and what is required.

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Shopping Addiction of Women

Shopping in itself is a wonderful thing to do because looking at colourful things around the mall, supermarket, eatery joints,or just the streets everything is moving. The bustling crowd making their way through narrow roads everything is magical. Women glide from shops to shops such as smelling the perfume, trying clothes, trying accessories there is so much to do. Women shop and men buy that is the difference but women are bad at shopping because they don’t stick to one single thing. The mind of women is always looking for new things instead of settling for one thing that they want to buy, they end up buying many different things that don’t even have any importance or need.

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Due to the advent of malls, online shopping street shops women are getting attracted to shopping even more than before. Women loves shopping to such extent that they can even go out shopping having deadlines, targets hovering over their head. In Spite of work pressure they tend to spend hours in the shopping mall, this tendency will make them buy unwanted stuffs and clutter their wardrobe and home.

Women are not always bad at shopping but at times they end up having a heated discussion over the less attention given while shopping. For ex salesperson not attending on time leaves the woman shopper agitated and she leaves the shop without buying anything. They love people who give them importance and at times end up buying something extra that has no use to her or her family.

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If the sales associate isn’t friendly women shoppers take it personal while men don’t bother about the treatment given to them while shopping, men want the product they don’t even think about the treatment given to them while shopping. Women argue over discounts, late assistance etc while men think about parking, long lines for billing etc. Online shopping is another craze that has steeped in women’s smartphone silently; they install number of shopping apps and go by the display without cross checking about the brand, company, price and quality. Once the product is delivered they crib about the quality, the look and feel and what not, they get impulsive and start unwanted discussion over the phone with the company from where the product is brought.

Many findings have proved women as bad or impulsive shoppers due to their sudden reaction to any display that is around, when they don’t get what they are looking for then for sure their shopping enthusiasm takes an automatic drop. These findings were done on both men and women; men look for specific section or aisle where as women step in scan and then think of buying. Women believe in experience while men believe in just buying the specific product.She can spend hours in the shopping mall while men hate shopping this is the main difference between male and female shoppers. At times women’s scanning quality will be beneficial so she cannot be wrong everytime. So women get set to barge into the shopping mall for a pleasurable shopping experience with or without your man.

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