Golden Tips for Intimacy & Satisfaction

Love making or sexual intimacy is very important for human, as you grow with age the sexual tendency also grows rapidly. Get involved in active sex with your partner to re energize your body, mind and soul. Treat your partner with respect and understand how she needs to be touched and loved. Initiate with a gentle kiss on forehead and stare into each other’s eyes standing in a comfortable position. This move will ignite a fire to get intimate and will ease the further proceedings.

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We are living a stressed life but making time for love and sex is of utmost importance for good mental and physical health, when your partner realizes your interest in having sex then he/she will get connected to you. Go on regular dates for better understanding about sexual intimacies, knowing your partners likes and dislikes might help in making love on your special night.

Few tips that help for sexual satisfaction

Give a good body massage- Gently use your hands to caress each and every part of your partners body like move your fingers through his/her hair, reach earlobes, neck, back, bosom, lower waist, thighs and legs. You can even use your body to massage his body to get heated up for that special act of love. Use soft lighting- For making your special night memorable use low lighting, fragrance in the room, candles and get into love making act, starting from foreplay will set the ground for a heated sexual intercourse.


Be gentle with every move, use your lips, tongue, fingers to cuddle and caress private parts of your partner such as men use fingers and tongue to lick women’s love hole and women use them to touch men’s genitals. This gives a different dimension to your sexual pleasure. For a complete sexual satisfaction give and take policy works best, do not be only at the receiving end but try and give what the other partner needs from you. Speaking dirty during your sexual act plays a vital role, this helps in arousal and further leads to wild sex and helps in having multiple orgasm.

While you are having sex see to it which position excites your partner, this might add up to that extra longer session for sexual intercourse. Keep in mind comfortable sex position will drive you both crazy and wild. Cunnilingus is one of the best and erotic sexual act that will make your woman want more of you inside her. Do the same with your man give an oral massage to his penis this act stimulates your organs and your next big step is full of surprises. Schedule your sex- Planning for your sexual act is one of the best things to do, send sensual texts to your partner about your sexual night plan, tell him/her what to wear, how to start or what you want him/her to do with your body this will rekindle the excitement for having sex with your partner.

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Try and find time for Quikie- A quikie adds fun to your long married life relationship, find that special place where you can quickly get into sexual act if you are short of time. Be experimental- Try different sex positions to make your sex life interesting, watch videos to make it horny. Use all the corners, platforms of your house to make it fun, having sex in the bedroom every time is boring. Have excellent communication before getting into sexual act, talk about how you want your sex to be, talk about your needs, enjoyment, position to be tried etc. Trust each other while having sex, do not give excuses while you are ready to make it out.

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