Take a Break: Switch off Your Phones

Do you want to be happy? Take the technology fast now. Take a break from your phone addiction, switch it off and you will be in a better world. Phone addiction has gripped the entire world, we are half dead without a phone by our side. Lets break this jinx and better ourselves by simply switching it off and take a break to find ourself. It is about time that we need to understand that the secret to happiness is with our loved ones like family, friends, pets and above all be with yourself. Turn off your phone for some time and look around you have a beautiful world to experience like nature, sports, historical places and many more.


Research says that if we don’t get rid of the phones now we are surely going to have mental illness. Smart phones, IPhones, IPad are having fans worldwide, people just don’t want to get away from this habit and live a normal, email and text free life. Phone addicts always withdraw attention from their family and loved ones and constantly get attracted to their gadgets and devices. For ex- You are out with a friend and suddenly his eyes glance his phone and there you are left with no one on the table to enjoy lunch with you because your friend got busy with his texts, tweets, snapchat, whatsapp etc.

Enjoy Life Without Mobile and Internet

Take a much needed break and go on a vacation to your favorite place without computer, phone, emails, business etc. Just carry a good book and let your hair down, feel the nature, spend some alone time and when you get back, you are a new person with a different outlook towards life. You will realize there is more to life than Google alerts, status updates, posting different avatars on social media, instagram, twitter etc. When we start treating our work as life instead the way to live we fall prey to unhealthy habits and also unhealthy lifestyle.Surprising facts after you switch of your phone

Brain works better: Your brain will start working better and faster after your phone is away from you. Brain cannot multitask like body, if you want to remain productive then say no to your smartphones. Employees at work get better with their decision making ability: Ironically when the employees are in constant touch with their immediate subordinates or bosses they tend to lose the ability of making decisions on their own and end up being less productive at making decisions.

Learn to Relax without gadgets and Computers,

Increased efficiency: Once you are free from your internet connections/devices your efficiency at work automatically increases. You will be more active, alert and happy at work.Take up your hobbies/passion: If you love reading, painting, going on a holiday, sports now is the time take a break from your phone and get on the road.You will retain your talentIf you are talented in something specific retaining it becomes easy.You will sleep better and wake up happily.

When you sleep without disturbance you will definitely wake up fresh and energized. Unplug yourself from the device to get better opportunities: Once you are detached from machines/devices your brain starts working faster and you will master problem solving ability. If you want peace, productivity, opportunities, longevity then it is time for you to switch off your phones and relax. Spend time with your loved ones because life does not give a second chance.


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