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Low Energy: Feeling Older too early?

Do you feel tired constantly? Low energy or weakness is the body fatigue and it is the cause for feeling tired. Weakness is inability to move your legs, arms or muscles. It is the lack of physical or muscle strength, general weakness could be due to heavy physical activity, loss of appetite, lack of exercise, boredom, starving for long, long hikes etc. Once you are in feeling tired zone several questions bug your mind like do I have a serious disease? Or am I stressed? Or do I need to keep a check on my diet? The questions just don’t end. Constant thinking won’t help you come out of this problem so let’s take a look at what can be done to get back to a normal and energetic life. Low energy is painted as weakness or fatigue in medical terms.

Low energy can be caused with medical illness and without medical illness. Common causes for low energy could be depression, thyroid, insomnia, flu, undiagnosed diabetes, poor diet, Vitamin B12 deficiency etc and they clear up once they are treated. Other causes can be stroke, cancer, anemia, liver or kidney problems, poison, medication overdose etc. Some symptoms like lightheadedness, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, confusion, chest pain are serious health conditions and have to be administered by a doctor at the earliest.

Few causes for low energy

Stress: Excessive stress can squeeze out tremendous energy from you making you feel sick and tired. Stress can get toxic if it crosses the danger mark, little stress is acceptable but excessive stress can lead to serious health issues.

Anemia: If you are looking pale and whiter then you need to stop and think if this could be serious. Red blood cells (RBC) in your body reduce and bring your pinkish skin tone to a pale yellow or white colour this is anemia. RBC’s are blood components that bring pass oxygen to your lungs and the red colour to your blood is because of RBC. This disease will leave you feeling weak time and time again, Vit B12 is the main cause for anemia.

Poor diet: If your diet lacks sufficient nutrients and calories, your body might not function the way it should. Due to this you can experience low energy levels and you will be unable to perform your regular activities with ease.

Insufficient sleep: Your energy levels depend on your sleep, to replenish your energy levels you need good amount of sleep. 8 hrs of undisturbed sleep is vital for a human body and brain. During sleep your body goes into hibernation mode and basic functions get rest when your body shuts down.

Emotional state: The low emotional state sucks out energy from your body making you feel fatigued.
Chronic infections: Chronic refers to a long period, if you have infections for a long time the stress hormone levels rise and bring your energy levels down. For ex Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Lyme disease etc

Kidney diseases: Low energy levels are symptoms if your kidneys aren’t working the way they naturally should. Kidneys produce your pee, if there is something wrong with this function then you are in trouble.

Heart disease: If your heart isn’t properly pumping blood to other organs of your body mainly to kidneys, brain and muscles then it is congested heart disease or congestive heart failure. Heart needs oxygen and nutrients too and if it isn’t getting what is required then you will have to look for a doctor.

Cancer: The bid C or cancer brings your energy levels down as you lose immunity to fight cancer causing cells as they grow rapidly.

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