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Natural Cure for Headache

Headache is a pain that stays for a short or longer period, the pain occurs in the forehead, temples, back of the neck or at the back of the head. Stress, sleeplessness; heavy workload can all give us a headache. Most people experience crashing headache from time to time it could be simple annoyances, bad diet, untimely food intake etc.

Headache can be classified into 2 types primary and secondary. Primary headaches are mainly due to migraines and tension headaches. Secondary headaches occur from brain tumors, strokes and meningitis. Even withdrawal from prolonged coffee drinking habit leads to headache.Such headaches can be controlled with pills but some serious headaches like migraine need immediate treatment. If there is persistent headache do consult a doctor and get rid of the pain for a better living. Although there are few home or natural remedies that can give your headache a hard kick. Try these simple natural cures for stubborn headaches.

Lavender oil: headache,home remedies,headaches,natural home remedies,home remedies for headache,headache home remedies oil not only has amazing fragrance but also is a good healer for headache. For aroma therapy this oil is very beneficial and relives you from stress. Lavender oil can be either inhaled using a hand kerchief or as a vapour inhalation adding 2-3 drops in hot water. Do not take it orally, but can be applied directly on the forehead externally.

Drink lot of water: Headache can be cured immediately if you drink lot of water. Dehydration leads to severe headache so keep your body hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals. Avoid cold water if you have headache, start drinking water from the time your head starts hurting eventually the pain will subside.

Take a break from all the chores: Choose a quite or a dark room to rest, get away from the noise and people else it will only aggravate the pain and leave you stressed. Shut your eyes for some time and detach yourself from the pain. If you have people around tell them you have headache and request to leave you alone. The pain will come down when you focus on your breathing.


Deep breathing, meditation, massage therapies and relaxation therapies will be of good help to get rid of constant headache. It is one of the best ways to cure headache without medication.Cold packs can also be useful in treating headaches. Keep the cold pack on the forehead for some time this reduces pain and inflammation caused due to headache.

Nutritional and Herbal supplements have the power to reduce headache, such as herb feverfew and riboflavin helps in curing headaches.For chronic headache hypnosis can be tried, again it depends on the patients responsiveness. The patient can also try acupuncture, in this therapy thin needles are placed on the pain points, this helps in good blood circulation to the head relieving you from severe headache. In this treatment the patient mood is brought to normal and the pain is diminished.


Aromatherapy with few oils like peppermint, chamomile, lavender, rosemary and tulsi will surely free you from headache. Pepper mint oil opens up the vessels for more oxygen to flow in the blood stream.Through chiropractic manipulation tension headaches caused through muscle strain can be cured. Give your head a good press, with circular rotation on the head cures headache. Soak your feet in hot water for some time to get relived from headache. Certain foods trigger headaches such as cheese, wine, caffeine etc, even skipping meals bring headache so eat your food on time. Follow proper diet to keep your headache away from you.

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