Broken Relationships

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After going through a break up nobody is in good state of mind, and pretending to be happy after separation is very difficult. Everyone around might say you have taken a right decision but the feeling is irreparable for quite a while. You might question yourself at times what went wrong after putting so much into a relationship, but hold on if you went through these 22 things then you have made a right choice to exit from your relationship and moving on is a better decision and start now to make moves to a move on phase.


1. The fear of being left alone is always haunting you
2. If you are admiring other couples more than yourself then moving on is better decision
3. When bad memories come first when you think back on your relationship.
4. If jealousy was the major force between the two of you
5. Your partner made you feel bad about the things you are interested in.
6. You feel your career goals are not supported by your partner
7. Because of the relationship you lost friends
8. Superiority issues, the two of you were never on the same line
9. Constantly saying that they missed the old rendition of the other
10. Feeling uncomfortable around each other’s family
11. Hiding your true self to remain in their good books
12. Striving for affection from the other
13. Constantly thinking what you were doing when your partner was away
14. Trivial fights turning into big arguments
15. Having double standards- thinking that things you could do and the other could not
16. Threatening to end the relationship by either of you
17. At times you felt the relationship wearing than inspiring
18. The two of you are better apart- felt by your family and friends

19. Inclination towards others for emotional support than finding it from your significant other
20. Without any valid reason you burst out on your partner
21. Your lives never fully bonded together
22. Worrying about the future gripped you than being excited about being together.


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