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Why HTC 10 is the best phone

In the smartphone industry HTC is still one of the best, well HTC isn’t successful in the market though. Let us have a look at HTC’s best phones HTC 10’s review.

Review of HTC 10: A good experience|
Let’s talk about the design of HTC 10 review. The promotional photos of HTC 10 differ from the real, it looks very best. The line about the back edge is slightly bigger than earlier model, this makes the phone stay handy than slipping away from hand, the look is cool too. Being an HTC fan I wish the venture will come up with modifications in design.

Battery is the second thing to talk about HTC 10 review. It comes with 3000mAh battery, and the phone stays longer than estimated. I charged the battery and unplugged at 8 am and I was out using GPS and 3GB the battery still showed 20% at 8 pm.
On display, HTC always is one level up in the display dept. HTC 10 is a best example of that practice, the display color is very colorful and honest. The color changing and the details are very natural and smooth looking all thanks to S-LCD 5 with 2K resolution. The improvised HTC 10 has physical buttons earlier they had navigating buttons (in HTC 8 and HTC 9 buttons were placed within the display) now HTC 10 with 5.2 inch is meant for content.

The camera: HTC 10 review
Now it’s the camera that needs attention for the HTC 10 review. Detailed edges and honest colors reproduced by a 12MP camera on the rear. HTC 10 is not great at focusing speed compared to S7 Edge. Whereas the interface of the camera app is difficult to use, the impressive feature is however the performance in low light setting. The shots taken in dark setting has less noise, whereas I prefer noiseless dark shots than a brighter shot with noise.

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