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Raj Bhardwaj – Model Goes International Way !

Raj Bhardwaj Model

Raj Bhardwaj – An Indian Male Model who scales to International Modelling successfully recently has suddenly become hot pick of advertisers and brand consultants. With the backing of blue chip clients, key photographers and legions of admirers, Raj Bhardwaj is now at the forefront of fashion & Hi Style. In India, a county that’s opening up to professional modelling, and catching up with title of “Male Supermodel” is  big compliment.

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Raj Bhardwaj has been a Designer’s Pick in India fashion weeks, Brand Assignments , he’s one of few male models in India who is are making his strong presence felt in fashion fraternity !


One just has to look at Raj’s Face and Looks he Carry..and it’s obvious that this young Indian Male model has something special going for him Ahead.. He is Working in alliance with International Modelling Agency “Hello Models” from New York City & 3D Models from Cape Town , South Africa for an International Modelling Debut.. We may find him doing  Endorsements of Big Brands from Western World Sood !!


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