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For flawless skin learn some beauty secrets from Women

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Try few beauty secrets tricks and tips from women for flawless skin. To attain that radiant skin take few ideas from them Treat face on the specific spot. Every part of the face like forehead, cheeks, area around eyes, nose needs different products and care. Some areas are thicker and some are delicate, so just don’t take one product and rub on the face. For eyes carefully use de-pigmentation cream on spots. Choose products depending on the problem area.

Clean your makeup face before sleeping
If you don’t remove makeup off from your face before sleeping, the dirt and makeup can clock pores and cause aging of skin very early. Use cleansers like oil based to remove makeup and frequent cleanser should be used to clean the face thoroughly.

Workout regularly
Women take their beauty and health seriously, they go for 30 minute walk or jog in the nearby park. Good heart rate pumping keeps you fit, add daily exercise to your fitness regime, this will also give you radiant skin.

Drink plenty of water
To keep your body hydrated drink 8-10 glasses of water on a daily basis no matter in which season we are into. Add vegetables, fruits having water content to your daily diet, drink coconut water everyday to keep your skin radiant.

Give your face a good massage
To get good skin use good quality moisturizer, facial oil or cream that is suitable to your skin type. Give a good massage in circular motion for that glowing skin.

Retinol for anti ageing
Retinol is a type of Vit A, it is a powerful anti aging component which can help undo the signs of aging. Buy products which have retinol content to get good and radiant skin. Before buying products from the market read the reviews and then buy the product suitable for your skin type.

Remove eye makeup without fail
Skin around the eyes is the very delicate and thin compared to other areas on the face. So take some time and remove the makeup off your eyes and the face. Remove eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow etc to have healthy skin.

Antioxidants are good for skin
To combat free radicals from cigarette smoke, UV rays, pollution and stress use antioxidants, they are good source to protect your skin. The stress, pollution UV rays damage collagen level and elasticity level of the skin use antioxidant serum and integrate it in their daily routine.


Women sleep on clean pillow cover

If you have troubled skin change pillow covers regularly or sleep on silk pillowcase. This practice might help your skin to be safe from dirt and residue from the pillow cover. If you have tried all the products and still have not been benefitted then it is time to change pillow cover.
Tanning bed is not good

Never lay on tanning bed, harsh UV rays accelerate aging of skin through the falling of collagen and are also confirmed to boost the risk of skin cancer. Lying on tanning bed can cause severe DNA damage to skin cells. Stay away from tanning bed to keep your skin healthy and safe.
They don’t prick on infected skin

Keep bacteria away from the skin, picking on the skin or the infected area can push bacteria deep into the skin. Bacteria can also make it inflamed so stop picking on the skin, if something is bothering you on your skin then calm your by using aloe vera gel this will soothe your irritated skin.

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