Banarsi Saree in Bajirao Mastai Movie !!

Banarasi Sarees & Dupattas were extensively used in Bajirao Mastani !

The Bollywood Blockbuster Movie Bajirao Mastani has seen Banarsee Saree and Dupatta Effects. Both Priyanka and Deepkia draped themselves draped in Banarsi Silk Sarees and Dupattas. The Banaresee Saree Continues to enrich user with its fine artwork extensively done by artisans and weavers..but the ones who make these beautiful pieces of crafted art continue to struggle for a better life. Hope Bollywood promotes Indian Crafts in such ways that actual artisan too gets benefitted out of it !!

Banarsee Saree in Bollywood
Banarsee Saree in Bollywood






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