Miracles of Walnut !

A Walnut is store house of Energy and Vital Elements that body requires !

Walnuts are a high density source of nutrients particularly proteins and essential fatty acids. More than a decade of scientific evidence shows that incorporating walnuts in a healthy diet reduces the risk of heart disease by improving blood vessel elasticity and plaque accumulation. Walnuts have also been shown to aid in the lowering LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol).

Walnuts for Good Health
Walnuts for Good Health

The Walnuts are an excellent source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful lipid soluble antioxidant required for maintaining the integrity of cell membrane of mucus membranes and skin by protecting it from harmful oxygen-free radicals. Munch a handful of walnut Kernels a day and you will have enough recommended levels of minerals vitamins and protein. Note: These kernels are vacuum packed and needs immediate refrigeration once opened.

Vitamins and Minerals in Walnuts

Cracked Walnuts

Walnuts are an excellent source of several vitamins and minerals, including:

  • Copper: This mineral promotes heart health. It also helps maintain bone, nerve and immune system function
  • Folic acid: Also known as folate or vitamin B9, folic acid has many important biological functions. A folic acid deficiency during pregnancy may cause birth defects.
  • Phosphorus: About 1% of our body is made up of phosphorus, a mineral that is mainly present in bones. It has numerous functions in the body.
  • Vitamin B6: This vitamin may strengthen the immune system and support nerve health. A vitamin B6 deficiency may cause anemia.
  • Manganese: This trace mineral is found in the highest amounts in nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • Vitamin E: Compared to other nuts, walnuts contain high levels of a special form of vitamin E called gamma-tocopherol .

Bottom Line: Walnuts are an excellent source of several vitamins and minerals. These include copper, folic acid, phosphorus, vitamin B6, manganese and vitamin E.

Walnuts Benefits Health
Walnuts Benefits Health

Walnuts are among the oldest tree foods grown by man, with their importance being highlighted back in 7000 B.C. Today, due to diet restrictions and several disbeliefs people avoid eating walnuts considering that they are calorie-rich and fat dense in nature. However, the fact that walnuts are immensely rich in nutrition and their benefits ranging from metabolism to heart health and beauty cannot be overlooked. Here are top 10 reasons walnuts must be included as a part of healthy diet.

A 100 Grams of walt has enough to give a string dose of energy and vital nutrients as below –>

Calories 654
Water 4 %
Protein 15.2 g
Carbs 13.7 g
Sugar 2.6 g
Fiber 6.7 g
Fat 65.2 g
Saturated 6.13 g
Monounsaturated 8.93 g
Polyunsaturated 47.17 g
Omega-3 9.08 g
Omega-6 38.09 g
Trans fat 0

Walnuts contain a compound called melatonin, responsible for conveying messages regarding the cycle of light and dark to the body. Since melatonin is already synthesised by the body, consumption of walnuts increases the blood levels of melatonin, thereby inducing sleep. That’s why eating walnuts can be a great way to improve sleep.

Great for your hair: Walnut is a good ‘hair food’ too. This is because walnuts contain biotin (vitamin B7) that helps strengthen hair, reduce hair fall and improve hair growth to certain extent. In addition to walnuts, you can try these foods to prevent hair loss.

Walnuts Helpful Nutrients
Walnuts Helpful Nutrients

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