5 Top Secrets to Impress Beautiful Girls


Another Girl Impressing Idea ? Beautiful hotties know their worth. Well, these 5 simple tips will not fail to impress beautiful girls.


  1. Be presentable, failing to impress on first look kills all other chances. Dress up fresh, wear the best you can, but don’t project yourself too colourful…look confident A beautiful girl knows her power, the power of attention she generates, but she equally looks for an impressive counterpart. A well dressed, tall handsome guy, attracts her too.

  2. Beautiful girls dislike underconfident guys. Your presence should reflect genuine confidence, She’s not looking around to fall in love instantly, a beautiful girl is looking for handsome, witty and dependable guy. If you get a chance to conversate, take initiatives.
  3. Smart and beautiful girls are clear about their intent, so expect same kind of behaviour from guys. A handsome guy who is able to convey his intentions briefly is magnetic. Beating around bush to convey feelings and proposals is BIG NO for todays Girl.
  4. Beautiful, educated girls want to get serious with guys who are focussed, and portray aggressive vision and roadmap of life. Wealth, richness is appreciated since ages, but a modern girl wants his Man to achieve his ambitions without boasting too much of family wealth and parental legacy. Many times, showing off family’s resources look suspicious of own capabilities.
  5. Intelligent, beautiful girls always like Wit & humour. A graceful gentle approach makes them feel enriched and special. Believing that girls always find Macho Men is wrong idea. Being Macho is relative, and depends on situation.

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    Impressing Girls

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