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Get Stunning Figure in 2 Months

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How do I Get Stunning Figure in 2 Months ?


 An hour glass figure or a beach body figure is a dream of every woman, getting rid of those extra fat on certain body parts like hips, bust, arms, belly or waist is a difficult task but remember not impossible. We often hear from a health freak talking about shedding kilos in a week or so, but it takes lot of effort to get that body.

having-beautiful-figureStart your weight losing regime through strict diet plan, stringent exercise, eating greens, raw veggies, good water intake and of course monitor what and how much you eat.

Few tips to be followed for that stunning figure in 2 months
• Rise early and go for a jog or walk, brisk walk is extremely beneficial to shed those extra kilos.
• Take zumba or aerobics classes for quick results.
• Yoga is also a good option for maintaining a sleek body and also healthy mind is easy to get through Yoga.
• Clean eating habits works wonders on your body such as small proportion of meals combined with salad, grains, low sugar fruits, yogurt, lean meat and other foods that are healthy and tasty at the same time.
• Water is another way to lose weight, toxins are flushed out and bowel system is improved.
• If you are aiming to get benefits from veggies and fruits to lose weight choose them accordingly. Avoid juice because eating is better than drinking as the vital nutrients are washed away if they are run in the blender. Fiber is good for body as they take time to digest and your binge eating can be delayed for a while.
• Dancing is another form of exercise if followed regularly you can surely shed those extra kilos blocking your way to a stunning figure. Take up Bharatnatyam or any other form of dance to get your body in perfect shape. A curvaceous body is the best thing to have for a woman.
• Healthy cooking with appropriate oil is another way of getting fab body. Avoid excess use of sugar, salt, fats, calories in your diet, if you have a sweet tooth then choose jaggery over sugar.
• Hit the gym if time permits you from that tight schedule, treadmill and cardio will be beneficial for midsection. Make it a habit of working out and keep a check on your weight. Make the weighing scale your best friend till you get the figure you want.
• Vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage etc aids in weight loss, avoid fried items, junk food, bakery items to fit into any type of outfit that enhances your figure.
• Nuts, legumes, grams, millets are food types that helps in losing weight if consumed moderately.
• Different forms of exercise like squats, planks, Lunges, Leg curls, jumping jacks, stretching, standing and floor exercises, cycling, swimming etc are really helpful to get a perfect shaped figure.
• Obesity or being overweight can be hereditary consult a nutritionist to get better results within the timeframe, follow the diet plan towards a good body.
• Worlds healthiest people made time for exercise, good eating habits, outdoor activities, sports etc. Give yourself a perfect body, as a gift that will last for a lifetime and make your peers envy you.
• Follow some of the yoga postures that aids in shaping your body parts, follow pranayam for a healthy living.
• Tone your lower body for that amazing looking figure just like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Shakira etc with glute friendly exercises.

After following all the above tips you are not far away from a beach body figure. Go for it now and get yourself into an outfit of your choice.

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