Why Men Dominate ?

Men Dominating Woman, Men Aggressive Nature

Men are considered to be tough man since generations, even in ancient times men were believed to be super heroes for various reasons especially the built, the stamina and they could sustain any weather. Men dominate for they have the power to do so as per societal or religious norms. Most societies that are exists today trace back to the history where male dominance was highlighted in economic and political sectors. Even in those times men used to work in fields for their physical endurance and women were only meant to deliver their babies and take care of the household chores.

In older times women were considered as the weaker sex and male the stronger one, even now in some of the rural areas this practice is still alive. Men are taken as powerful and women a meek and vulnerable types and this practice made men to think they the power to dominate women as per their choice. At times when women they are dating or married to start controlling them or dominate them they really hate that and use different ways to control their partners.

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Sometimes women take men for granted and they decide everything thinking that men will abide by her decisions and this step might hit male ego very badly forcing him to take charge and dominate on her. Men do not like his woman to degrade him in front of others due to this fear he thinks he should dominate and suppress his woman so that she remains in his control and asks his permission for everything she does.




Men Dominating Women on Most of Issues, Men are naturally AggressiveNowadays women are also earning and matching up their footsteps with male clan, this is also one of the reasons that make men dominate their partners, sisters, wives or even girl friends.Men are aware that women know that the opposite sex is their weakness and they can easily have a tight grip on them using their sexual powers. Men feel if they give in once they are believed to be fools and can be easily taken for a ride, so very carefully they arrange things to take charge of their responsibilities and keep women under their trap. There are several cases where women are kept locked for different reasons, if women show extra superiority this make man to keep their woman under control. Some men dominate on women just for a thrilling experience.

Life is all about balance the Yin and Yang theory but men fail to understand this simple rule; they think being dominant makes them respectable and followed. Men want to be powerful and they are not willing to lose their position of being the superior to women. Taking the charge is a good thing provided you respect the other sex and their desires.Reasons for dominatingMen like to make rules for their immediate family, partner, subordinates etc

Men are afraid if they are dominated or controlled by the women they will be ridiculed
Men dominate on women to show they are powerful, Men dominate to hide their inferiority complex, Men dominate out of revenge, psychological disorder. They even don’t hesitate to keep their wives as prisonersMany religious and societal norms force men to dominate women
Men are generally aggressive and power hungry this mental attitude leads to dominating their partners.

At times men who have gone through a rough patch in their previous relationships tend to dominate the women in second relationship. During sexual act males are ones who are dominating females and that make them enjoy the sexual experience. We should be thankful that the male society is opening up to accept women with due respect for their hard work and for being just a woman.

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