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Better Cook >> Men or Women?

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Who is a better cook Men or Women is a difficult question to answer. In primitive times men were responsible to gather food and even light the fire to cook the food, this shows it required a sense of smell, quality of food, taste etc. Men have been foodies since ancient times than women, and women busy cooking for the male bunch of the house.

Women Cook, Men Cook, Who is Good Cook

Both the genders are good cook, cooking is an art and both men and women have mastered this art in their own respective ways. As you go on cooking you will gain experience and try variations with the traditional or age old foods. Earlier people take up cooking as a task, as they continue cooking and experimenting with the ingredients they become seasoned cook. In most of the five star hotels men are the best cook/chef and most of the men are in the kitchen staff, this does not mean women are bad. Whenever you eat you always say my mother cooks well this is the proof that women have showed men how to cook, they always have an upper hand when it comes to cooking, their enthusiasm towards cooking has kept them ahead of men at home but professionally men have ruled the roost.


Several times we heard our older generation talking about Nala paakam this comes from mythological times that Nala was the best chef and it usually used to appreciate someone’s culinary skills, even Bhima was considered as the best cook, women have taken over men in the kitchen because men are lazy and incapable to handle complex flavors and spices. Men are always associated with gadgets, sports cars, outing with friends and more but off late men have donned aprons to cook some breathtaking dishes in India and abroad.


Men cook a meal but women know how to rescue a meal gone wrong that is something worth commenting. When you enter a messy kitchen you will know men were around but it not the case with women they know to cook and tidy the place as well. Students and working professionals living away from home know the importance of mother cooked food, they don’t say my father cook well they always say my mother cooked food is best.

Women cook with patience, love and interest so the taste lingers for a long time and they cook for their loved ones. But in recent times men have made a special place for themselves in cooking field for ex- Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapoor, Ranveer Brar and the Kalra’s etc. Most of the men are restaurateurs and owns hotels for passion of cooking or love for food. Serving good food is the main intention of the restaurants. When men cook they bring all their senses together to create a world class dish.

Man washing vegetables in kitchen
Man washing vegetables in kitchen

As women are making a mark in all fields where only men dominated such as Pilot, Airforce, Navy, Army, Police Department and many more. Men are also creating a niche for themselves in the field where only women were known that is Cooking. So the conclusion remains wrapped as both the genders are equally good in showing their culinary skills. It is all about sense of taste, presentability, customer’s likes and most importantly hygiene.

We being humans love eating, lets face the fact that we are foodies and we love to taste varieties of cuisines cooked by men or women. So the debate is still on and we cannot crown either men or women being the best cook. Be it man or woman food is meant to be relished and simply relish it.

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