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Mascara – Magic or Tragic Chemical?

Beautiful eyes are meant to steal hearts, make them look super hot with a brush of mascara. Women will approve to the fact that thick, long, black eyelashes is a must for a woman. Eye makeup can make you look sexy and innocent at the same time but it all depends on what you wear on your eyes. To achieve that bohemian and classic look Mascara is a must. It is one of the must haves in your beauty kit and one of the easiest ways to make you look like a queen from jane in seconds.


The fashion trend has seen some serious changes in the recent times, earlier over face makeup was seen but now highlight could be on one part such as eyes or lips. Due to the demand for eye makeup products mascara has seen a good rise in sales. Fashionista’s flaunt new eye makeup every second day, making their eye makeup a fashion trend. Young girls are no exception to this; they want to look as beautiful as the celebrity.

The eye lashes enhancing product Mascara is ranked as second for it is used as a everyday cosmetic by millions of women across the globe. Working women find mascara as the most essential thing in their cosmetic pouch. They feel confident, beautiful, pleasant and feel in control with beautiful eye makeup. Ladies having scanty eye lash can use mascara for dimension and make it look thick and long. Mascara is termed as the black magic eye makeup.

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We are different individuals and have different eye lashes, eye colour, shape etc, we need to be alert while using any eye makeup because eyes are delicate. Try and buy quality products as it is safe, but everything comes with a little disadvantage so does Mascara. There are some ingredients that might harm human eyes with over usage. Mascara’s come in different ways such as gel, mousse, waterproof, liquid etc, you should avoid cheap quality mascara because of its contents, and it might ruin your eyes.

The application of mascara has to be mastered if you simply buy cheap brand mascara bottle and colour your eyes you will have a stiff eyelashes making t you look awful. The gel formula used in mascara nowadays is becoming a hit for its lightness and glossy look. Avoid using it 2-3 layers on your lashes as it leaves your eyelashes looking thick with ugly patches. Mascara no doubt makes your eyelashes look fake but it enhances your eyes.


Any makeup used in control will never do any harm but over use will definitely pose a serious threat to sensitive parts of the body. For a perfect evening look, decorate your nice pair of eyelashes with quality mascara. Eyes catch the first attention of anyone looking onto you so be careful and cautious what is going on your eyes. There are various local and International brands for cosmetics choose the best brand to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Masacara is one of the common makeup items used by most of the ladies on a daily basis, so keeping it minimal is very essential. People have also taken up to another option of using fake eyelashes instead of using mascara for various reasons. Low quality mascara might leave your eyes itchy, irritable and even swollen so be very careful while you choose makeup for your sensitive eyes. Next time you go out shopping look for products that is in harmony with your health. Looking good is important but health first. Choose wisely…

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