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Girls: How to Shape Beautiful Hips

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A sculpted body with beautiful butts is a woman’s desire. Accentuate your behind by working on your butt, simple exercises will give you a perfect hump that will make you look sexy. From Jennifer Lopez to Kim kardashian, Pamela Anderson etc they all have something extra and that are their well carved beautiful butt. Butt workouts are getting popular with every passing day, because hips are something to look for in a woman.

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Women over 18 are not happy with their existing butt, they want to take up a challenge to work on their butt to make it lookable. Get ready to sweat and shape your butt with super simple exercises, once you get it you can flaunt it with skimpy bikini, making men drool for you. Just few minutes of your day for that flawless booty and you join the best booty club. Spending hours in the gym on treadmill does not give you what you are looking for, get down to the bottom of the problem and find appropriate steps to trim or tone down your blunt butt into a perfect roundels.

Few simple yet result oriented exercises for your butt.
Standing Leg curl: Face against a wall, stand straight and lift your left foot comfortably till your butts, repeat the same with the opposite leg. Maintain desired number of repetitions on both the legs.


Butt Exercise: Stand straight and keep a barebell across your shoulders, slightly bend forward protruding your butt intact. Keep your back straight and reach till your hips keeping your body parallel to the floor, continue this process by contracting your glutes and raise your upper body to the start position.

The Kickback: Kickback is an easy move, get on all fours position on a yoga mat, raise your left leg comfortably high as possible preferably 45 degrees angle on the ground. Repeat this with your right leg and finish this exercise 3 times on each leg.

The Hydrant: This simple exercise intends on your hips and glutes. Get on all fours position on the floor raise your left leg sideways until it is parallel to your hips (imagine dog peeing position). Repeat this for right leg and complete 3 sets.

Side- Walking Lunges: This exercise will tighten the outer part of the butt, sideways lunges instead of forward or backward lunging is good for butt tightening. Repeat this on both the sides. (Lunges will strengthen your leg muscles too)

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Stair Run: Instead of elevator take the stairs next time you have to reach your floor. Stairs walking/running is a good exercise for butt shaping.

Squats: Stand straight on the floor , take a crouching position, (Sitting on a chair like position) bending forward on knees and the butts close to the heels or near. It is an upper & lower body workout to shape your butts, thighs, hamstrings and also lower back. There are variations while you perform squats.

Choose butt toning sports: Butt toning sports such as Volley ball, basketball, rollerbalding, gymnastic etc. They focus on glutes and help you tone your butts.


Avoid Cardio: Cardio workout steal away your muscles before fat, this will help reduce fat but will make you lose your curves.
Do core exercises: Core exercises will help you cinch your waist, tiny waist will accentuate your butt.
Planks are a great way to work on your butt. Superman position on the floor is also a great way to give your butt a curvy shape.
Bridges and donkey kicks are some easy, basic and best exercises for beginners who are looking to flaunt a sexy butt.
Girls get a beautiful butt by following a healthy fitness regime towards a wonderful you.

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