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Impotency: Reasons and Cure

Lifestyle Changes and Natural Treatments for ED

What is Impotency?

Erectile dysfunction in males has turned out to be the major problem affecting men worldwide. Sexual inability, inability to achieve an erection for maximum time during sexual intercourse is known as Impotency. There can be many factors affecting impotency such as emotional or physical disorders. 50-70% men at the age of 40 experience impotency. Impotency is a male sexual disorder.

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment By Natural Remedies

The endocrine system in our body produces hormones, they control sexual functions, metabolism, mood, reproduction etc. Diabetes is another reason for impotency, it affects the body’s capacity to use the hormone insulin. Nerve damage is another reason of chronic diabetes affecting penis sensations. Other problems related to diabetes are weak blood flow and hormone levels, these factors lead to impotency.

Reasons for Impotency
There are many reasons for male sexual disorder or impotency. It is an ailment but is caused by other aspects such as psychological as well as biological. Other factors that lead to impotency are hormonal imbalance, smoking, depression, alcoholism, stress, diabetes, certain medication and anxiety. Most of the men experience erectile dysfunction occasionally during sexual intercourse at some point in their life, if it is occasional not to worry but if it regular it is a concern and treatment is necessary.


Main causes that leads to impotency are

Illness: Various health related issues such as prolonged illness, diabetes, blood pressure etc. These health hazards cause nerve damage, they are responsible to transmit blood to the penis. This further affects erection and cause pain in the penis.

Hormonal imbalance: Testosterone the main sex hormone in male, it is released by pituitary glands and it is accountable for the functioning of male sex organ (penis). Imbalance caused by the dysfunction of these glands affects erection of the penis. Due to this males are unable to perform sex actively in the bed.

Prostrate Cancer: This is another cause for impotence in males. The treatment given in prostrate cancer damage veins, tissues, arteries etc which are vital in achieving erection. The drugs used to treat prostrate cancer also slow down testosterone levels in the body leading to impotence.

Other reasons could be surgeries, injuries, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal and brain tumors etc.


Cure for Impotency

Ginseng: Known as male remedy, it is used to protect from stress and enhance vitality. It is also believed to enhance body’s capacity for physical and mental exertion

Ginger, clove and cinnamon: Eating these spices eventually warms up the blood, helps in blood circulation throughout the body including the penis. It is used as aphrodisiac to warm blood since ages. It also cures impotence.

Reflexology: Apply pressure to few reflex points with thumb on the inside and outside of the ankles. Reflexology helps if you are in stress and cures impotency.

Quit Smoking: According to research smokers are more likely towards impotency due to nicotine spread in the body every time a cigarette is lit. Due to prolonged smoking fatty deposits are built in the penile arteries, this stops proper blood flow to the penis. Move your nether regions, pelvic exercises enhance sexual health, they also help to strengthen the bulbocavernosus muscle. This muscle allows the penis to swell with blood during erection, helps in emptying the urethra after urination, it pumps while ejaculation.

Acupuncture will help, fine needles are placed on various body parts for blood circulation. Drink watermelon juice regularly

Get moving: Regular exercise or running helps blood flow this is important for strong erection Eat a balanced diet, the foods you eat have direct impact on erection. Have regular sleep. Change your lifestyle and change the way you make love.

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