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Warning :: Smoking Destroys Your Skin

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Smoking is injurious to health| these warnings we read it everyday, see it every day but people are just in awe of smoking. Smoking is really bad for one of the largest organ of the body the ‘Skin’ because it also has marijuana, beyond its known relations to heart & lung diseases, cancer, premature skin ageing etc. Teenagers who are into smoking will die early or have underdeveloped lungs putting them at greater risks for lung diseases. Smoking also delay wound healing process, wrinkling, under eye bags, puffiness, patches, discoloration of the skin and more.

Stop Smoking, it Kills
Teens take smoking as a style statement, they end up their lives with serious health disease, and this naughty habit is poisoning your complexion big time did you know that? Uneven skin tone is another side effect from smoking, blood vessels delivering nutrients and oxygen to entire body is affected by smoking. When skin is depressed of these required nutrients changes start to develop at early age, smoker appear dull, pale or have uneven skin tone due to continuous smoking.

However smoking has ill effects on skin other than affecting overall health, including loss of natural glow and further it might lead to psoriasis. Vital nutrients in the body are depleted such as Vit C which is related to sun protection. Smoking makes you look older than your actual age, tobacco has around 4000 chemicals many are carcinogenic (causing cancer) and other chemicals damage the components of the skin known as elastin & collagen resulting in skin sagging and damage.

Smoking gifts you wrinkles and fine lines around the lips, prolonged smoking bring age spots on the skin. Apart from skin diseases smoking affect tooth loss, gum disease and bad breath, it also stains on nails and sides of the fingers. Smokers develop crow feet or wrinkles around the eye due to repetitive drags.

Smoking is related to skin damage how?
Heat released from the cigarette directly burns the skin
Reduces moisture of the skin, also reduces Vitamin A
Elastic fibers in the skin see changes

Chronic smoking narrows the blood vessels which diminish blood supply to the skin causing skin damage, veins & capillaries break causing dark scarring on the face. Collagen and elastic fibers in the skin are lost due to excessive smoking; one cigarette deprives you from the oxygen for an hour and half or 90 minutes. As you exhale you emit chemicals, nicotine and tobacco in the form of toxic cloud which hovers around your face causing blackheads around nose, mouth & cheeks.

Smoking Causes Cancer
Smoking also affect immune system, many people neglect how important healthy immunity is to achieve beautiful skin. Smokers heal much slower than passive smokers, imagine you having an open wound and the toxic cloud get in touch with the wound then healing takes on a slow pace. Skin damage does not spare second hand smokers too.

Smokers face looks like
Dull & Lifeless
Discoloration of the skin on face
Thinning of the skin
Dehydrated & dry
Facial structure visibility is prominent
Skin gets rough, tough and leathery

Smoking causes SSC Squamose cell carcinoma a type of skin cancer, it is treatable only if it is detected at early stage. Free radicals destroy healthy DNA & healthy cells which inturn make them grow abnormally or even mutate the cells.
Quit smoking and improve your looks, health and overall personality. Your skin will start to breathe, stains on your teeth, nails and fingers will disappear. Women smokers will reduce infertility issues, menopause will be delayed. Give yourself a better life. Quit smoking…

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