How to wear a saree

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Saree is the essence of Indian culture, it is feminine piece of clothing and there are many ways to wear a saree be it 1st time or for the 50th time. Let us find out easy ways of wearing a saree just like it should be worn.

1. Keep your body type in mind
If you are gifted with good height then choose wide range of textures, prints and colors but if your short and on the heavier side then remain satisfied with light fabrics and less embellishments, choose vertical line to look lean.

2. Blouse should be in line with your body frame
Blouse adds that extra drama to a plain fabric, if you have fat arms go for net sleeves in the blouse or 3/4th sleeves. If you are looking to get volume around your chest then get embellished blouse. Recognize your problem area and look to conceal that area, also see to it that your blouse should neither be too tight or too loose.

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3. Understand your skin tone
Consider your skin tone while you are wearing a saree, if you are on darker side then gold and copper shades look good, if you are fair then any color would do, if wheatish then beige and bronze will work wonders.
4. Long skirt/petticoat problem

Long skirt inside the saree should be tied below or just above the navel, do not tie too below the navel as it might pull your saree down in minutes. Avoid flared or pleated petticoat as it will make you look fat and shapeless.
5. Choose easy to handle fabric
Choose a fabric that is easy to handle if you are a debuting in saree, fabrics like net and chiffon are easy to handle because of their lightness and will stay in place for long time. Avoid cotton or satin as they require experience to handle.

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6. Keep safety pins handy
Safety pins will keep your saree intact. Use safety pins to keep the pleats in place, neat and tidy. Do not use them too much.
7. Wear comfortable footwear
A saree look is complete with comfortable footwear, if you uncomfortable with heels choose platform heels to remain comfortable and safe. Avoid clumsy or shabby footwear that will steal the good looks of your saree.
8. Try new draping styles
With saree comes different draping patterns, choose the style that suits your body frame and comfort level. If one style doesn’t suit you try the next and settle with the best and comfortable one

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