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Is Katrina on vegetarian diet?

Katrina Kaif has stunned bollywood with her good performance and not to forget her curvaceous body with athletic look. Her perfect 10 figure makes her look gorgeous & special in every outfit she gets into from western to sari. Her secret behind the perfect body is “A healthy body with healthy Mind”, apart from strict diet she focuses on exercise and yoga, this practice has gotten her the sexy figure she has now.


Many of them have sneak peeked into her diet plan regime to get a perfect body like her. Here are few tips for all you who wish to get a sculpted figure like Katrina Kaif. From every film she has outgrown as an actor but she has also maintained her perfect curvaceous body by adding vegetarian diet plan to her daily routine.

Katrina starts her day with 4-5 glasses of water
For breakfast the sexy lady consumes cereals/ oats/ brown bread with dollop of peanut butter or egg whites or pomegranate juice.
She believes in taking right food at the right time
She avoids starch rich foods; she keeps herself away from rice
For lunch Katrina prefers grilled fish as she avoids chicken because of fat, lot of veggies especially boiled, cereals, salads, brown rice and legumes. Dinner could be soups or salads. To keep her skin healthy she eats acai berry supplements and wheat grass powder, green tea for antioxidant boost. For Katrina food keeps her going. She beats her hunger pangs with a bowl full of fresh fruits & follows macrobiotic diet as being healthy is very important


Katrina Kaif follows tailor made macrobiotic diet (eating every 2 hours)to keep her fit and healthy. She loves her cinnamon rolls and can easily gobble 3 at one go when she is in London. She binges on her Yorkshire pudding, roasted chicken, steamed fish and English breakfast. Apart from this she also loves to fill herself with Indian Kheer. When you ask if she is on a diet for she has lost fair bit of weight, she giggles and answers like this “She says she eats healthy and right now she is on a macrobiotic diet inclusive of whole grains ( brown rice, whole wheat & Oats) greens, veggies, fruits and steamed fish.

She also indulges on pasta with extra cheese, prawns, fish curry the goan way, kheer ofcourse, she avoids pickles, oily & spicy foods. All her meals are free from glycemic carbs, she consumes “The Mush” it is filled with antioxidants and fast absorbing protein. Above all she loves her fresh veggies that too boiled.


Being in the entertainment industry it is really hard to maintain a fit body, the role demands a lot and it has to be perfect. She ensures that her body gets everything to remain fit, healthy and svelte at the same time. From diets to exercise she does it all without feeling tired. She takes her fitness regime seriously and hits the gym to burn extra fat, jogging, core exercise, abs keep her well toned.

Katrina Kaif is one bollywood diva who looks flawless with or without makeup it simply means that the way one looks is the way one feels within.

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