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Celebrity Secrets of Skin care

Do you desire a flawless skin just like celebrities? If yes then check out the secrets revealed just for you

Every time they step out they look gorgeous with spotless skin. They illuminate every occasion with their radiant glowing skin. Beautiful skin will make you happy, it just uplifts your personality, ask this question to people who have bad skin you will get tremendous response. No matter how beautiful your skin is but it always needs care, you cannot follow shortcuts to get good skin. Following some daily care for skin treatment will bring that special glow on your face.

Celebrities are always working outdoors; extra hours with no proper food and sleep make their skin dull and lifeless. To curb this they undertake certain measures to make their skin look perfect.Firstly understand your skin type and then work on the treatment. Dry skin requires enough moisturization, oily skin needs hydration where as normal skin is ok with both treatments.Cleansing is equally important to make your skin get rid of grime, dirt, oil, makeup and pollution, cleansing twice a day is advisable.

Concentrate on problem areas: Pay special attention on your problem areas and take good care of your skin.
Exfoliate: Skin also breathes so allow the dead skin to wash away and let your skin feel free to absorb pure air. A layer of dead and lifeless skin makes your face look dull and not so beautiful so washing off dead skin is imperative.

Skin Care Treatments
Moisturize: Skin is a combination of dermis 70% water and epidermis 15% water, the skin needs hydration and what better than a good moisturizer.

Use sun protection before stepping out, harsh UV rays is not good for the skin so using sun protection with good SPF is really is a must. Makeup should be removed before retiring to bed, no matter how tired or lazy you get after a hard days work removing makeup is a must for a healthy skin.

One of the best and proven skin care treatment is drinking lot of water. 8-10 glasses of water everyday will keep your skin hydrated and free from toxins. The glow on the skin is all because of water, so next time you think of getting celebrity skin then remember they drink lot of water.

Good undisturbed sleep: Sleep for good 8 hours to get a beautiful skin full of life. Good sleep will wake you up for a fresh day. A happy face is all about good rest.

Destress yourself: Believe it or not face shows whether you are happy or stressed. Stress shows on face so try and relax to get beautiful skin just like your favourite celebrity.

Apart from these treatments good exercise is also very important, when you sweat the dirt and grime from the face is washed away.Facial exercises are also one of the ways to take good care of the skin. Yoga, meditation, pranayam are other forms followed by celebrities to keep themselves young and attractive.

Pamper yourself with good facial, detoxification and other skin treatment that suits your skin and leaves a lasting glow on your skin. Using ice on the face relieves the skin from puffiness and tightens the skin.

Eating right food at the right time also aids in getting a beautiful skin, raw veggies, greens, fruits are all meant to nourish your skin so consume as much as you can to keep it brimming with vitality and radiance. Avoid creams and other beauty products available in the market and go the natural way for a radiant skin.

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