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Saira and Shakira : Designers in Spotlight

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Saira Faisal and Shakira Usman introduced their label largely because there was no one designing what they were designing and they wanted to remain unique with their work. Their clothes are wearable with trendy and traditional touch yet different. For couple of years now the duo are designing detailed, textured and slim silhouettes with mix and match fabrics. The embroideries made by them are catching up and have created a position for themselves in the Pakistan fashion world.

Saira and Shakira are set to display their work in Boulevard One Show. In a short chat the friends turned partners shared their experiences.

How it started We were in fashion school together and we instantly became friends. Our wavelengths match on almost everything, so partnership came naturally for a label.

Bad fashion Faux Pas. Bad fashion sense comes from not dressing up for your body type and your size
Something about Saira Shakira as woman Saira Shakira woman is strong, confident doesn’t think twice to break typecast.


Variety in design.. Fashion has no end. Like different cultures in the world. We love travelling around and it is thrilling to add little bit of the world in our work through designs.

Wish list of collaborating with International names..We love to collaborate with Tom Ford, his designs have that edginess and all his campaigns make us crazy. Especially the work he has done for Gucci is outstanding. 

At Boulevard One At Boulevard One you will see our reflection, we love the mix of fabrics and our signature collection will have great embroidery techniques.

Perfect brand ambassador..Well it is a difficult to choose one but if we have to then it would definitely be Gisele Bundchen.

Fashion tip – Make a statement with your outfit, always dress like you are being photographed for a magazine.

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