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Provocation & Explotation is language of Fashion Modeling

Viral Bharat
The Bitter Reality Behind Glamour, Sensation and Modelling is exploitation. Fake Promises, broken payments, misleading assignments Sexual exploitation… and harassment.  Surviving away from homes and...
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Saira and Shakira : Designers in Spotlight

Viral Bharat
Saira Faisal and Shakira Usman introduced their label largely because there was no one designing what they were designing and they wanted to remain unique...
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Manish Malhotra Celebrating His 50th birthday

Surya R
Manish Malhotra is a true Sagittarian. He has strong sense of style, think idealistic and is curious. Manish Malhotra has left a mark in the...
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Top Selling Women Perfume Brands

Best Perfumes for Women Available online on Sites. Launched by leading fashion designer and celebrity favourite Marc Jacobs, this is a sunny, pure and free-spirited...
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Untold Secrets of Pranayam

Viral Bharat
An ancient Indian practice of controlling breath is known as Pranayam also spelled as Pranayama. It is a sanskrit word explaining extension prana as life...
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Develop Positive Habits for Restful Sleep

Viral Bharat
The Sleep is as necessary as food for survival and oxygen for living, normally we discuss and hear people that they do not get proper sleep...
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Ayurveda Secrets : Look 10 Years Younger

Viral Bharat
If you ask someone Do you want to look 10 years younger the answer will definitely be Yes. It is impossible to go back but...